KombatKit sell BB Guns UK & Two Tone Airsoft Guns UK, BB Pellets & 6mm Airsoft Ammo, Gun Targets, Airsoft Tactical Gear & Skirmish Kit, Airsoft BB Gun Spares Parts & Upgrades, Paintball Gear & RC Military Models.

09/08/22 - We are open & processing orders, please allow an extra 2 to 3 working days for deliveries due to capacity delays & problems with both Royal Mail & courier services. Stock is live and updated daily, any questions or enquiries please send us an email and we will reply to you asap.

Buy BB Guns & AIRSOFT GUNS UK, 2 tone BBguns & RIFs, 6mm BB bullets & Ammo, skirmish & tactical kit, parts & spares, all with FREE DELIVERY & large choice. are airsoft retailers & we sell leading airsoft brands such as Cyma, Double Eagle, WE, G&G, HFC, SRC, Bulldog plus many more. Shop for BB Gun & 6mm Airsoft Guns UK in two tone colours. We supply BBGUNS for all levels & budgets, from starter to Pro Skirmish & Milsim Grade. We sell BB machine guns which are electric AEGs, or gas blowback powered assault rifles. Our hand guns include entry level cheap spring powered pistols & revolvers, we also sell replica full metal bbguns, C02 or gas BB guns. Our BB sniper rifles include replica spring powered British Army L96 guns. For our Airsoft BB guns we offer a full range of smooth polished 6mm BB pellets from 0.12g to 40 gram in weight with different colours stocked. For your airsoft BB guns we have spares, parts, accessories & upgrades such as magazines, scopes & target lasers. We supply airsoft tactical kit & skirmish mil-sim clothing, plus safety goggles & eye protection. Our radio controlled models include Military Airsoft Tanks, Navy RC warships, plus remote control model flying drones.