Abbey Brut Sniper Gas 700ml Refill for Pro Grade Gas Powered Airsoft BB Guns

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Product Code: K01-50702
Brand: Abbey
OUR PRICE:£13.99
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  • Abbey Brut Sniper Gas 700ml refill
  • Designed for high FPS snipers airsoft BB guns & gas powered rifles
  • Increase weapon performance & FPS (see notes below)
  • Dry formulation (non-lubricated) keeps the hop-up in perfect condition for rapid fire on full auto
  • The extra power will allow it to work across a broad range of temperatures
  • Abbey Brut Sniper gas is specially formulated to give you the edge on the competition
  • A blend of carefully selected gases produces maximum power for perfect shooting
  • Metal gas nozzle for longer lasting use
  • NOT RECOMMENDED for use with resin or plastic airsoft guns
  • Quality Abbey Supply company original product

Product Information

Serious snipers and pro skirmish players need the quality and reliability of the new Abbey Brut Sniper Gas. Most normal gases are lubricated which wets the hop-up, Abbey Brut Sniper gas is designed with next to no lubrication so you will have not "wet" on your hop rubber, this means you need to apply more pressure which, in turn, slows the BBs. Slower BBs and reduced hop-up which leads to less accuracy and poor performance. When using Brut Sniper Gas, you can reduce the pressure of the hop-up to increase muzzle velocity and still produce maximum back spin. Greater back spin gives a flatter trajectory which leads to higher accuracy. Additionally because you are not wetting the hop-up, your weapons will perform consistently throughout your skirmish weekend. Brut Sniper gas can increase recoil and weapon FPS on your replica (depending on temperature, and the condition of your gun). Each refill contains 700ml (300gms) and works excellent for both semi and full auto gas blowback airsoft weapons. Due to little to no lubricant inside we recommend regular maintenance of your Airsoft gun with Abbey Maintenance Gas also available on our website. Please note that Brut Sniper gas is not suited for resin polymer plastic airsoft guns due to the large increase in power. The gas is recommend for use with gas blowback with all metal internals and large sniper and pro or sports grade gas powered assault rifles.


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