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We sell Pro Airsoft co2 pistols & compressed air powered 6mm BB pellet handguns, pistols & revolvers, in UK legal 2 tone colours & black RIFS. Most C02 Co2 gas airsoft pistols use 12g Co2 cartridges and these guns are recommended for the more experienced or demanding shooter, as they normally have a longer range and higher velocity or FPS, making them more suitable for skirmish & Mil-Sim sports. Many of our skirmish ready replica guns feature gas blowback or GBB recoil (top slides moves), with gas blow back being available in handguns with both resin or full metal bodies. We have for sale fully licensed replica BB hand gun models from Colt, Glock and Sig Sauer plus many more. We stock a full range of brands with Co2 gas airsoft BB guns from WE Airsoft, KJ Works, HFC, SRC, plus many others. We have airsoft co2 pistol for sale from small compacts, mid range M9s & M92's, G17s, 1911s, plus full size replicas with extended barrels & RIS rails for those essential tactical upgrades such as target lasers and LED torches. We also sell extra magazine clips for CO2 airsoft pistols, and 0.12g CO2 compressed air cartridges for your gun.