Following is a list of external links to other Airsoft websites which we believe would be of interest to Airsoft Skirmish MilSim players & replica BB gun enthusiasts. Please note that KOMBATKIT are not responsible for the accuracy of content information or validity of links which are external to this site.


BULLDOG AIRSOFT - Bulldog Airsoft products include 2 tone airsoft guns, polished BB pellets, speed loaders, targets, batteries, chargers and other quality airsoft products.

BATTLEAXE - Battleaxe provides wide range of different kinds of magazines, high cap, mid cap, flash magazines, electric magazines, etc.

CLASSIC ARMY AIRSOFT - For more than a decade Classic Army has developed cutting edge products for airsoft

CYBERGUN - Quality official licenced airsoft replicas, gas & spring pistols, shotguns, electric rifles. 

HFC AIRSOFT - "Honer Fantastic Classic" HFC airsoft guns are made in Taiwan and they are well know for their solid construction & great price

SRC / STAR RAINBOW - SRC is a company from Taiwan and are known to know make quality airsoft equipment. As with all Taiwan airsoft companies they produce quality guns and accessories

S&T ARMAMENT - Manufacturers of electric AEGs & gas blowback rifles, shotguns & snipers.

GALAXY AIRSOFT - Galaxy is a Chinese manufacturer that produce decent budget spring replicas. The guns are normally mainly metal and very robust. The guns are great starter or entry level replicas.

Airsoft Forums, Societies, Players Associations & Review Sites

AIRSOFT FORUMS UKFind guides on how to look after and maintain your airsoft gun, plus other advice and tips

AIRBANA - The Airbana Map contains the very latest information about Airsoft Skirmish and Retail sites around the world as well as event listings, live weather reports, live pricing information and more.

BACS - The BAC is a non-profit organisation and has been formed to support the airsoft community and forward the sport.

REAL AIRGUN ADVENTURES - Airsoft & Air Gun Review channel

UKAPU - The United Kingdom Airsoft Players Union. Free to join – help protect the sport you love

UKARA - This the UK Airsoft Retailers Association and acts as the national body who oversee a safe method of selling and using Realistic Imitation Firearms (RiFs). 

Airsoft News & Media

ARNIES AIRSOFT - An excellent English site providing UK information on airsoft & skirmish to the British enthusiasts! One of our favorites!

AIRSOFT ACTION - Airsoft Action is the award-winning airsoft magazine for all airsofters around the world. Published every 28 days in both paper and digital format.

AIRSOFT INTERNATIONAL - Airsoft International HQ. or "Ai" has been established for well over 10 years and is currently the most popular airsoft magazine in existence