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We sell airsoft sniper rifles & pro grade 6mm BB sniper guns in black & two tone colours. We stock full size air soft replica long barrel, G36’s, VSR 10’s, British Army L96’s & SR-2, US M14’s & M700’s, Russian 701 SVD’s, plus many more models with both scope and bipod included. We offer realistic bolt action spring powered 6mm sniper guns, electric battery powered AEGs snipers, plus pro grade gas or Co2 powered sniper rifles. For airsoft skirmish or MilSim sport use we only recommend using a quality durable gun with a high FPS. We also offer a full two tone colour bespoke airsoft sniper rifle painting service, so that your airsoft sniper BB gun can be supplied in choice of UK legal 2 tone colours, such as black with a choice of green, blue, lime (zombie), pink, gold, purple plus many more. We also stock sniper gun spares & replacement parts, plus upgrades for airsoft rifles, such as scopes, bipods, rails, plus extra magazines and heavy 6mm bb pellets for Airsoft skirmish grade guns. We stock airsoft sniper rifles from leading brands including, Cyma, Double Eagle, Nuprol, A&K, Wellfire, ARES, S&T, JG & GE, plus many more. All our airsoft sniper rifles are available from stock with free UK mainland delivery (T&Cs apply).