BB Pistols & Handguns are retailers of all types of BB pistols, BB handguns & 6 shot BB revolvers. We sell spring, gas or Co2 & electric powered 6mm calibre airsoft BB pellet firing replica firearm pistols & hand guns, revolvers & RIFs in black & two tone airsoft colours. We stock a full range of 6mm airsoft BB pistols from compacts up to desert eagles & extended barrel PO8 replica’s. We have BB handguns for sale that are official licensed firearm replica BB pistols from Colt, Glock, Sig Sauer, Beretta & M&P, with popular models such as 1911’s, G17 & G18’s, M9 & M92’s, P226 & more. If your new to airsoft and BB pistols, spring powered cheap BB pistols are great entry level soft air handguns or starter BB pistols, being inexpensive to buy & shoot, plus very easy to operate. Our blowback BB pistols are great fun as you do not need to keep reloading the spring trigger, plus you get the recoil experience with the moving top slides. Gas or C02 powered BB pistols are recommended for mil-sim & skirmish sports use, and the more experienced or demanding shooter as they normally have a higher FPS velocity with a greater range. We offer a full two tone colour bespoke paint service, so that your BB pistol, BB handgun or BB revolver can be supplied in choice of 2 tone colours, such as blue, green, lime (zombie), pink, gold, purple plus many more. We stock the leading BB pistol manufacturers such as WE Airsoft, Cyma, Raven, G&G, HFC, SRC, KJ Works, Army, Galaxy & Double Eagle, TM, Vorsk plus many more. All our BB pistols are normally available from stock, with fast dispatch & free UK Mainland delivery on orders over £50.00 (T&Cs apply).


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Showing 1 - 24 of 298 products
Showing 1 - 24 of 298 products