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Kombatkit sell 6mm BB Gun revolvers & replica 6 shot airsoft pistol revolvers in black & 2 tone colours. We stock a choice of spring, gas or CO2 powered airsoft BB revolvers & pistols all 6mm pellet calibre. We sell full size two tone cheap spring powered BB guns, plus skirmish ready gas powered guns, and sports grade C02, CO2 powered pistols with high FPS. Our airsoft BB gun revolvers are realistic replicas which fire 6mm BB pellets with 6 chamber revolving magazines, moving hammer triggers just like the real firearm. Our cheaper spring powered revolvers are normally made from durable abs resin, and our higher grade replicas are full metal with very realistic weights and feel. Our classic 6 shooter BB guns are available in choice a barrel lengths, from small compacts, up to Dirty Harry style full length magnum replicas, plus we also sell extra shell cases for the moving cylinder chambers on BB revolvers. We also offer a full two tone colour bespoke painting service, so that your spring, gas or CO2 BB revolver can be supplied in choice of 2 tone colours, such as black with blue, green, lime (zombie), pink, gold, purple plus many more. We stock BB revolvers & airsoft pistol from leading brands such as SRC, HFC, Farsan, Kings Arms, UHC plus many more. All of our airsoft BB revolvers are available from stock withare available from stock with free UK mainland delivery (T&Cs apply).