Heckler & Koch USP BB Gun Official Spring Airsoft Pistol Clear Black 2 Tone

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H&K USP BB Gun | Heckler & Koch Official Airsoft Spring Pistol Clear 2 Tone | KOMBATKIT
H&K USP BB Gun | Heckler & Koch Official Airsoft Spring Pistol Clear 2 Tone | KOMBATKIT H&K USP BB Gun | Heckler & Koch Official Airsoft Spring Pistol Clear 2 Tone | KOMBATKIT H&K USP BB Gun | Heckler & Koch Official Airsoft Spring Pistol Clear 2 Tone | KOMBATKIT H&K USP BB Gun | Heckler & Koch Official Airsoft Spring Pistol Clear 2 Tone | KOMBATKIT
Product Code: K01-13001
Brand: Umarex
OUR PRICE:£22.99
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  • Heckler & Koch USP official pistol spring airsoft 6mm BB pellet gun
  • Full size 1:1 scale model
  • Official licensed Heckler & Koch® USP model
  • Heavy weight anti shock ABS resin
  • Internal metal spring
  • Black & Clear UK legal two tone
  • USA spec with orange barrel end
  • Inexpensive & easily maintained gas or batteries NOT REQUIRED
  • Spring air repeater
  • Spring powered single shot
  • Velocity: 240fps / 64ms (0.12g estimated)
  • Range: 30 metres
  • Mag Capacity: 25 x 6mm BB rounds
  • Ergo friendly design
  • Thumb release magazine
  • Safety & slide release
  • Lower rail for tactical add on’s
  • Length: 21cm
  • Made in Taiwan by Umarex USA
  • Umarex ref: 2273001

Product Information

Manufactured by Umarex USA under official license from Heckler & Kock the USP storm pistol is a 1:1 full size replica spring airsoft 6mm BB pellet gun. The H&K USP features fully licensed official trademarks from Heckler 7 Koch giving it all of the proper markings, emblems, and logos found on a real H&K USP pistol. The H&K USP pistol is supplied in UK legal two tone clear and black, robust heavy weight, shock resistant grade ABS resin with a durable internal metal spring, which also provides increased weight and sturdiness which gives the user with a realistic feel to the gun. The pistol is a spring air repeater with easy slide action for quick loading, and the USP BB gun has a manufacturers estimated output velocity of 240 fps (feet per second) with 0.12g 6mm BB pellets. The USP has an ergo friendly design suitable for both left and right handed shooters, and for targeting the spring pistol has a front blade and rear notch sight, a working safety lever and slide release, plus a lower rail for any tactical extras. The magazine will hold up to 25 plastic 6mm caliber BBs, and we recommend only using 6mm high quality polished BB pellets with this airsoft pistol.

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Nathanial Ball-Newcastle Upon Tyne-5 Stars

Everything you could ask for in a spring pistol.

A perfect bit of kit. Umarex always delivers when it comes to their products, and along with Cybergun, their officially licenced/trademarked springers are the best budget springers on the market. I have a few of these types of pistols and a rifle and i've been happy with all of them.

As for this USP, it's actually 260fps, not 240fps, which is only a plus in my opinion. It's slide doesn't lock back when empty, but it does have a moving hammer which will drop when the trigger is pulled. Unlike other spring pistols, it's pretty much impossible to have all the bb's fly out of the mag and all over the place (Anyone who has owned a spring Beretta 92fs/M9 will know this pain)

Two things to note - firstly, the safety will only engage when the hammer is cocked, so don't go breaking off the safety thinking it's stuck. Secondly only dissasemble this gun if it is absolutley neccasary, i disassembled it to oil some of the parts before i took it to the backyard to take a few shots for the 1st time and it took me about an hour to get it back together. It's a job which requires 3 hands and a lot of parts to be lined up correctly and one part is very easy to put in backwards and there is no diagrams on Umarex's website. Also when taking it apart, putting it back together it's very easy for the springs (of which there is 2) to send small parts fling all around your house. So don't take it apart unless you really need to.

Other than the akward dissasembly, the gun is great quality. Nice solid plastic frame, the metal parts are the - trigger, hammer, barrel, mag release, springs and some other internals. The forestrap & backstrap has nice checkering, the breech moves to simulate the Browning tilting-barrel action on the real USP, and just like all of Umarex's trademarked springer pistols, this thing will be able to survive rough use, and will serve you well for years. It also has a rail under the barrel for attaching accessories, like a light or laser. A laser would be a much more practical thing to attach in this case.

Perfect for teaching a beginner how to shoot handguns, perfect for backyard plinking and due to it's small size and IF not RIF status it's perfect to take out camping to have some fun with in the outdoors - i love taking a clear/bringly coloured spring pistol on camping trips along with a target and taking turns with the other people i'm camping with at shooting the target. Overall this is a must buy for anyone in the market for a springer pistol and anyone who is a fan of H&K.