Spring BB Pistols

At Kombatkit.co.uk we sell Spring BB Guns, 6mm pellet airsoft spring pistols, handguns, revolvers in black & 2 tone UK legal colours. We have spring BB guns for sale that are official licensed gun replica’s from leading firearm brands such Colt, Glock, Sig Sauer, Beretta & M&P. We stock a huge selection spring powered 6mm BB handguns from compacts up to large extended barrel desert eagles & full size metal replica’s of all the famous pistol and hand gun models with prices from under £10.00. Spring powered cheap BB guns are great entry level airsoft pistols or starter guns, as they inexpensive to buy and use, plus spring pistols are easy to operate, you pull the slide back to cock the gun then fire!. Our spring BB pistols are fire 6mm plastic BB pellets, which are available on our site and can be delivered with your gun order. We also offer a full two tone colour bespoke paint service, so that your spring BB gun can be supplied in choice of 2 tone colours, such as blue, green, lime (zombie), pink, gold, purple plus many more. Our starter level spring BB pistols are normally made from durable resin plastic, making the gun light but tough, we also offer spring pistols which have a resin lower body with a metal slide for extra weight, and our higher end spring BB pistols are all metal with both the lower body and top slide being made metal for a heavy weight realistic feel. All our spring BB guns are available from stock, with fast dispatch & free UK mainland delivery (T&C’s apply).


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Showing 1 - 24 of 103 products
Showing 1 - 24 of 103 products