US Army WW2 BB Gun Bundle Spring 1921 & 1911 Replica + Pellets & Target Set 2 Tone Blue Black

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8903A BB Rifle & 2123-A1 Pistol 2 Tone Spring Airsoft Guns, Pellets & Target Set Bundle | KOMBATKIT
8903A BB Rifle & 2123-A1 Pistol 2 Tone Spring Airsoft Guns, Pellets & Target Set Bundle | KOMBATKIT 8903A BB Rifle & 2123-A1 Pistol 2 Tone Spring Airsoft Guns, Pellets & Target Set Bundle | KOMBATKIT 8903A BB Rifle & 2123-A1 Pistol 2 Tone Spring Airsoft Guns, Pellets & Target Set Bundle | KOMBATKIT 8903A BB Rifle & 2123-A1 Pistol 2 Tone Spring Airsoft Guns, Pellets & Target Set Bundle | KOMBATKIT
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US Army WWII Military style BB gun starter bundle deal, with 8903A 1921 replica spring rifle & 2123-A1 Colt 1911 replica spring BB pistol and 2000x12g polished 6mm BB ammo, plus a 17cm x 17cm target set / pellet catcher.

8903A Thompson 1921 Replica Spring Airsoft Rifle 2 Tone Blue Black

  • Thompson style 1921 replica spring powered 6mm airsoft BB pellet gun
  • UK legal two tone black & blue colours
  • Durable high density composite resin material
  • Ergo friendly design suitable for both left and right handed shooters
  • Spring powered slide action cocking mechanism – single shot
  • Velocity: 348fps (0.12g)
  • Range: 35m (approx.)
  • Inexpensive and easily maintained gas or batteries NOT REQUIRED.
  • Drum style ammo clip
  • Mock red dot sight (removable)
  • Wood effect grips
  • Length: 820mm
  • Working Safety

2123-A1 Colt 1911 Long Replica Spring Pistol

  • Full size Colt 1911 styled replica model pistol Airsoft BB gun black and blue.
  • Durable ABS resin construction with internal metal barrel
  • Single shot spring powered pistol
  • Supplied in UK legal two tone black and blue colours.
  • Inexpensive to operate, and easy to maintain no gas or batteries required
  • Range: 30-40 metres approx. (0.12g)
  • Velocity: 260fps (0.12g)
  • Overall length 240mm
  • Weight 260g (empty)
  • Magazine capacity: 18 rounds
  • Front and rear notch sights
  • Textured / moulded grip

03-B1 Airsoft BB Gun Target Set

  • Portable Target set for use with BB and Airsoft Tanks and Guns
  • Includes a net to catch, recycle and re-use your BB pellets
  • Includes choice of master copy paper targets
  • Folds away for easy storage
  • Manufactured from high impact material

Bundle offer:

  • Includes: 8903A 1921 Replica Spring BB Rifle
  • Includes: 2123-A1 1911 replica metal spring BB pistol
  • Includes: 03-B1 Target / Pellet Catcher
  • Includes: 2000x12g Polished pellets
  • Individually – 1921 Rifle £39.99 – 1911 Pistol £9.99 - Target £8.99 - Pellets - £6.99 – Total Normal £65.96
  • BUNDLE OFFER - £59.99

Product Information BB Guns

The 8903A Airsoft BB Gun is a full 1:1 size airsoft rifle replica of the real thing and the gun has been modelled on the iconic 1921 Tommy gun or sub machine guns as used by American gangsters during the early 1900’s. The 8903A is manufactured in the new legal black and blue toughened ABS anti-shock resin plastic, which has been carefully balanced in colour so that screws and extra parts remain black. The 8903A Thompson style rifle has an ergo friendly design suitable for both left and right handed users, with true to model wood effect grips. The gun has a full length of 82cm and, the 8903A has an internal steel barrel with a good body weight for increased sturdiness, which also provides the user with a realistic feel to the gun. The 8903A has a spring powered slide action cocking mechanism, which makes gun inexpensive and easily maintained, as it requires no gas or batteries to operate. The 8903A has a true to model drum style magazine ammo clip, and a working safety switch. The gun also features a mock sight with red dot which is mounted on a weaver rail on top of rifle.

The 2123-A1 is a full sized Colt 1911 replica handgun as used by the American military and allies forces for many years. The 2123-A1 model gun features an extended barrel, and BB handgun is manufactured in two tone legal colours from toughened black and blue ABS anti-shock plastic, which has been carefully balanced in colour so that the top slide is blue and the main body and magazine remain black. The 2123-A1 has an ergo friendly design, making it suitable for both left and right handed users. The handgun is internally weighted (260g empty) for increased sturdiness which also provides the user with a nice realistic feel to the gun. The 2123-A1 has an approx. range of 30-40 metres and an estimated output of 260fps using 0.12g pellets. The 2123-A1 pistol has a spring air repeater firing action, slide top to reload, and features front and rear notch sights, and the magazine has an estimate 18 x 6mm round capacity. We recommend only using 6mm high quality polished BB ammo with these spring powered BB guns.

Product Information - Targets

The KombatKit Portable BB gun and Airsoft Target Set - the perfect solution to the problem of not knowing what to shoot at with your Airsoft BB gun or BB Tank! Now you can have the fun of a proper scoring shooting competition, fun for all the family!. This well-constructed target which comes flat-packed in its box, opens out to produce a target area approximately 17cm square. The target consists of a tough plastic frame and stand, paper targets and a net which attaches to the rear to collect your used BB's. There is a choice of two targets: a traditional style target with concentric circles with scoring areas from 6 points up to 10 points for a bullseye, and a human-shaped target with different scoring areas - ideal for any trainee special agents! The kit is supplied with one each of the two different paper targets, so these should be photocopied - don't shoot the original! The KombatKit range of targets bring nothing but fun to the sport of Airsoft. Use any of our targets to hold competitions with family and friends or just simply to improve your marksmanship.

Please note that the targets are NOT suitable for use with paintball pellets, steel or metal BBs, or high powered Airsoft guns at close range.

Product Information - Pellets

KombatKit Brand Pro Grade Pellets. We source our pellets from the same factories that produce for the leading airsoft brands. These new 0.12g 6mm airsoft bb pellets have been designed to optimise the performance of all 6mm Airsoft guns and bb guns including; Co2 operated, manual and electric Airsoft BB Guns with Hop Up, Shotguns, Single shot Rifles, most good quality entry level BB Guns and High end (AEG) Electric Rifles and tanks. These BB Pellets are calibrated and have a smooth polished surface, with no molding ridges or imperfections making this product the best you can buy for your 6mm Airsoft BB Gun or tank. Contents 2000 pellets supplied in clear re-sealable bag.

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